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OhmComm provides a full suite of technology services in an effort to provide to our small to medium sized business clients a “one stop shop” experience. This allows our client base to make one phone call to handle multiple systems and services that are invariably connected and/or integrated. The cabling used for many of these systems are the same or interchangeable. They all go back to the same head end location and use the same infrastructure. 

Why would you want to hire one contractor to install the same cabling as another - for separate but similar systems?

Why would you want to spend time moving from vendor to vendor trying to track down a problem?

OhmComm’s model helps to eliminate the finger pointing from one technology vendor to another. We have the relationship with your internet service provider. We installed the network electronics. We install the cabling from your computers and phones to these electronics. Your IT services, phones, surveillance and other systems use the same cabling and network as your streaming music device. Your sound system is also managed by us. So, when you need service, you do not need to make a call to your IT vendor, your phone vendor and your sound system vendor.

You call us. One call. This saves you time – and money.