Whether your project is a sports bar or an airport, OhmComm, Inc. is able to provide a fully controllable and scaleable video display solution. We offer a comprehensive manufacturer line card allowing us to design any custom system.
Projects include digital matrix installations, video walls, projection systems, hidden display technologies, kiosks and digital signage. Every system can be integrated with a control solution including in-wall, wireless or touchscreen kiosks and interfaces.

Commercial audio solutions are available from OhmComm, Inc. include foreground, performance/nightclub systems and background distributed audio type systems. OhmComm, Inc. can provide sound masking for your offie and professional audio for large venue installations. We provide custom music sourcing through partner resources. Recurring system tuning and prevenetative maintenance (for our or existing installations) is available. We also offer warranty and factory authorized repairs for almost every pro audio product. Our custom home audio solutions are many and can include SONOS or HEOS with speakers that disappear into the wall or stand tall to show off to your friends!

Systems Integration
Our audio and video systems can be taken to the next level and be integrated together - as well as with HVAC, lighting, security and various other custom control, such as snow melt, motorized shades and weather stations. Boardrooms, bedrooms or network operations centers may require different types of hardware but we take the same patient approach of discussing our client’s needs and confirming requirements for their interaction with and control of their technology.Systems can be programmed to save energy and to provide one touch control to control entire “scenes” across the entire location.Similarly, auditoriums can access all of their media, microphones, audio/video controls, etc. right from the lectern. The integration of these systems lends itself to all sectors including corporate boardroom/conference rooms, fitness facilities, retail, hotel/restaurant/bar/hospitality, classrooms/auditorium, houses of worship, high-end residential and nightclubs.